Imitation Period in Babies

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Imitation Period in Babies

Your little one has entered the imitation period. It observes what you do and tries to do the same. Be an exemplary mother to him! Imitation is one of the most common situations in children.

You need to be very careful when talking to children or even doing business with them. Because every child imitates and children actually learn by imitation.

For almost every child, their parents are the only role models. A smoking father, a screaming mother, violence etc. All of this may be considered normal by children, and children may want to do it themselves because adults do it.

So when do children start imitating? This period begins with the 15th month in children. For this reason, especially after the 1st birthday, you should pay attention to all kinds of details, in short, what you do, talk and behave around children.

Here is a list that you can set an example of imitative little ones:

-Treat yourself the way you want your child to behave in the future. So be a model for him. Remember that your child is observing you and examining all your movements. Appreciate your child when he imitates your correct behavior. Sometimes even a small smile is enough.
-When your child imitates your wrong behavior, don’t be harsh. If your child who sees you smoking is imitating this, you will say to your child, “This behavior of mine is not correct. Come on, let’s do other things” and direct your attention to something else.
-Sometimes dangerous situations may arise because children’s reasoning skills are not yet developed. For example, your child may try to cook while you are not in the kitchen. So take care of your child’s safety. Set limits on your child. Otherwise, it may harm you, itself and your belongings while imitating. In such cases, getting angry with your child and showing it will affect him negatively. So instead of scolding him, try to set limits on him. While doing this, try to use short and clear sentences.
-It is a natural process of your child’s development to imitate you or those around him. But if your child is minimizing his own behavior and constantly behaving like others, this is where you should intervene. In doing so, you need to tell him about it. Tell him it’s better to be like him.

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