How Should a Productive Holiday be for Children?

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While the summer vacation coming after a long school term, stressful class and exam year is met with great joy for our children, it can cause anxiety in some families due to productive activities, setting limits, and time planning.

How should vacation planning be done?

The holiday planning made differs according to the child. The most important factors are that it is suitable for his age, needs, wishes and development.

While the children, who have been waiting for this time for almost a whole year, enjoy the holiday, parents can intervene without exaggeration and make a suitable plan for them.

The purpose of the holiday does not mean unlimited, unplanned and unplanned time. Of course, some rules are necessary for both the cognitive and physical development of the child.


-Unlimited computer and television use
-An extreme disorder in sleep patterns
-Change in eating and drinking habits
is something that needs attention. Unlimited computers and television are an element that also affects the socialization of the child.

-During an intense education period, children may not spend enough time with their families.
-The holiday period is the most suitable time for child-parent relations.
-Therefore, children should spend time with their families as much as possible and do different activities.

-Different routes can be determined to go, you can participate in activities such as city tours, museum tours, concerts and theater.
They can do activities that they could not do in school.

-Sport is one of the foremost activities. For both mental and physical development, you can direct your child to different sports branches such as basketball, swimming, football, volleyball according to their interests.

-They can attend courses in areas such as dance, instrument and theater in order to socialize and improve themselves.
In addition to these activities, time should be allocated for subjects that were unsuccessful, especially during the academic year.

But parents should not insist on a strict study schedule, forgetting that their children are on vacation.

The holiday program realized with parent-child cooperation will increase the motivation of the child and will be beneficial for both spiritual and mental development.

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