How Should a Children’s Room be Arranged According to the Montessori Method?

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Children who cook, water flowers, wash dishes, are self-sufficient in their own living space, learning the elements of daily life at a younger age… It may sound unusual, but in the Montessori Method, these are the most important parts of child development! It was impossible not to reflect this education style, which aims to make the child self-sufficient, not reflected in the children’s rooms. So, how should a Montessori children’s room be according to this method?

1. The Most İmportant Part of This Decoration, Montessori Beds

Montessori beds are a type of bed with an unusual style. The purpose of these beds, which almost look like a floor bed, is to ensure that your child can go to bed and get up without anyone’s help. Another beauty of these beds is that they reset the possibility of your child falling out of bed. You can also decorate these beds, which have very aesthetic and simple designs, with colorful lights and toys.

2. Everything According to the Height of Your Child!

We said that the child should be self-sufficient, so the big closets must disappear! The Montessori wardrobe you will use in this method should be suitable for your child’s height and reachable. The child should be able to put his belongings in these cabinets without difficulty and without the need for another person.

3. The shelves are coming Down!

An important part of the Montessori children’s room decoration is the lowering of the shelves, which are usually placed at the top of the rooms. These shelves should also be at a suitable height for your child to place them on the shelves with their own efforts after playing with their toys. Putting the toys back in after he’s done is part of his Montessori education.

4. It will be Very Enjoyable to Sit in Miniature Table Chairs!

In Montessori education, the activities are done at the table. You should choose tables and chairs that are suitable for the little ones and your child’s children in order to make it easy and fun for the children to take them around, such as painting, playing intelligence-enhancing games.

5. Stay Out of the Clutter

Montessori fittings lie in simplicity. You need to get out of this kid’s kid’s cubicle. Confusion disperses children. Make sure to group common toys. For this, you can choose large and covered shelves, as well as cardboard, boxes and toy baskets.

6. Think Simple when Choosing Toys

Montessori toys should primarily appeal to the child’s sense organs. You should choose toys with rattles, sounds, mirrors and wooden toys for your children aged 0-3. In the future, you should choose puzzles that will contribute to motor development, toys that are numbered, written, and can distinguish between size and smallness.

7. Bring the Bathroom to Your Child’s Feet Too!

If you have the opportunity, you can use toilet bowls and washbasins that are suitable for your child’s size and that your child can easily use in your bathroom. This is an important issue in the Montessori method, but not everyone has the opportunity to do it.

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