How Long Should Your Baby Sleep After Age 2?

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How Long Should Your Baby Sleep After Age 2?

One of the most frequently asked questions by mothers is how much sleep should your baby sleep after the age of 2? is happening. For this reason, the baby’s sleep pattern should follow a healthy path. A healthy sleep pattern ensures the healthy development of babies. Sleep is one of the most important factors for health, not only in babies but also in children and adults.

What Should Be Considered in Baby Sleep After 2 Years?

The time periods recommended by experts for baby sleep after the age of 2 are 11 hours of night sleep and 1.5 hours at most during the daytime. In order for babies to grow up healthy, they need to have a healthy and regular sleep pattern. Growth hormone is secreted during sleep, and thanks to this hormone, the development of babies continues in a healthy way.

Babies who do not get enough sleep can have unhealthy results in their growth because this hormone cannot be secreted enough. For this reason, every baby should definitely get their sleep within the hours recommended by the doctors.

Babies who get a healthy night’s sleep are also cheerful and comfortable during the day. Babies who do not get enough sleep, on the other hand, often exhibit a grumpy and unhappy stance. At the same time, after the age of 2, some stubborn attitudes about sleep can be seen in babies in general. In this case, which is an attitude brought about by age, parents should display an understanding attitude towards their babies in this regard.

,It is of great importance to persuade them in a good way against babies who are stubborn to not go to bed and do not want to sleep at bedtime. Exhibiting angry and angry attitudes in these situations causes babies to become colder from sleep more. For this reason, babies who refuse to sleep should be treated with a determined and gentle attitude and the importance of sleep should be explained to them.

At the same time, after the age of 2, babies generally want to sleep with their parents or loved ones. In such cases, it is necessary to explain to the baby in a soft and understanding manner that the baby should sleep alone. Most of the time, this attitude is due to the baby’s fear of going to bed alone, so in this respect, the baby needs to be convinced that he is safe in his bed alone.

How to Ensure a Good Sleep Pattern in Babies?

Having a good sleeping environment is of great importance on the good sleep patterns of babies. For this reason, it is necessary to prepare the ideal sleeping environment in babies’ rooms. The room where babies sleep should be sufficiently dark, quiet and between 18 degrees and 22 degrees Celsius.

Babies should not be covered too much in case they get cold while sleeping, and in cold weather, just a light quilt is sufficient to keep them from getting cold. The baby should fall asleep between 20.00 and 21.00 at the latest. If this time is delayed, babies sleep more difficult. Daytime naps should not be regular and at the same time every day for babies.

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