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We have written a few articles about Montessori education and went over this method in general terms. Now, we will focus on how to apply Montessori education at home or at school. Montessori education is a method introduced by Maria Montessori, who was born in Italy in 1870, and is accepted as a revolution in the field of education. In addition, Maria Montessori was the first woman to receive a doctorate in Italy. This proves to us how important a person he is.

What is Montessori Education? What Does It Do?
Montessori education is a method that prepares children for the real world, aims to improve their problem-solving and reasoning skills, and can be easily applied at home or at school. Thanks to the education methods shown, it also increases the self-confidence of children and gives them personality. The main purpose of Montessori education is based on children’s physical, mental and emotional 3 activities.

You may have a question as to how old Montessori education can be applied. Montessori education can be implemented from infancy and the child can be able to do all activities from the age of 3 years. It would be more appropriate to start this education method before school. Then, this process continues throughout the school and full efficiency can be obtained from the Montessori method.

What Should Be Considered in Montessori Education?
What is important in Montessori education is not the successful implementation of children, but their development over time. Here, parents and teachers should follow and control this process so that a healthier result can be obtained.

In addition, certain limits should be set for children so that the child does not perceive this learning method as limitless. You should prepare the child for this situation by setting various rules in the home and school environment.

The number of institutions providing Montessori education is increasing day by day in our country. Studies that were previously carried out with individual efforts have now become more systematic and are supported by the state. The reason is that it is a proven method.

How is Montessori Education Applied? Methods
The activities to be presented to the child should be with real objects.
Activities on human anatomy and development can be done
The child should be given some release and observed. It should be examined what can be done without the help of parents or teachers.
Give your child freedom in choosing clothes. Wear whatever she wants.
Sleep is the most important thing. Make sure the child is getting a good night’s sleep.
Let the time you put the child to bed be full of love. For example, you can read a story to him. Or you can hug.
Definitely stay away from the penal system. It won’t do any good.
Assign responsibilities appropriate to the child’s age level. Tidying her room, preparing her bag, etc.
Tell him your family stories, too.
Talk about nutrients and their benefits.
Observe him when you go out and make him understand nature
Sport is also very important. Include sports in their daily routine.

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