How Is Creativity Developed in Children?

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How Is Creativity Developed in Children?
Children’s creativity has been declining continuously since 1990. This may be due to our tough education system, lack of free play or technology. However, looking for ways to foster creativity is definitely worth your time.

Creativity is important for the child to realize himself, to be aware of his individual characteristics and to be able to reveal them. The creative child is eager to learn new information, openly.

Every child is born creative, but education, living conditions, the attitude of the social environment and limitations blunt the child’s creativity over time and even take away this opportunity completely. It has been determined by researches that the most suitable period for creative development is the period between the ages of 3-6.

It satisfies the children
Develops socially and emotionally,
While positively affecting self-confidence (feelings of self-confidence and self-worth)
Problem solving,
learning new words,
It also supports self-expression skills.

Which Behaviors Affect Creativity Positively?

Accepting the child as an individual
Valuing unreasonable thoughts and behaviors
Orientation to be free in their work
Which Behaviors Affect Creativity Negatively?

Inconsistent, indecisive, critical and cynical approaches,
Unenthusiastic attitudes
Not allowing the use of different materials,
With fictional stories and other materials,
Not valuing the products made,
You do not understand,
I do not know,
Ask your mother (dad),
I have work right now,
The little ones don’t ask such questions to their elders,
Why are you asking such nonsense questions, I wouldn’t have asked such questions when I was your age,
I’m tired of your questions, such approaches will affect negatively.

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