How Do Children Learn?

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How Do Children Learn

So how do our children learn? Let’s first take a look at how they learned so that it will help you in what methods to apply when you want to teach you something.

If we know how children learn, we also know how we can teach them some things while playing at home. Children are natural learners. They are curious, interested, very eager to learn new things. In this series of articles, we will touch on one of the ways our children learn every day. First, let’s briefly review what they are. These principles are presented within the framework of the principles we apply at our school:

1- Children learn by “playing” and “playing”.

2- Children learn “by doing”.

3- Children learn “with their senses”.

4- Children learn by “language-speaking”.

5- Children learn by “moving”.

6- Children learn by being “motivated” and “encouraged”.

7- Children learn “at their own pace”. (Every child is different)

8- Children learn with “love”.

9- Children learn with “appreciation”.

10- Children learn by “imitation”.

11- Children learn by “repetition”.

12- Children learn by “experience”.

13- Children learn by “exploration”.

14- Children learn by “focusing”.

15- Children learn “in communication with others”.

16- Children learn in “positive environments”.

17- Children learn when their “physical needs are met”.

18- Children learn within the framework of “holistic development”.

Remembering these principles in our relationships, communications, and the environments we provide for our children will help us raise happy, learning, and self-confident children.

How do I teach my child to take responsibility?
If you want your child to be a responsible individual in the future, it is important to set a good example for your child first. If you demonstrate being a responsible individual, your child can learn this too. If you have to go to work but don’t make excuses, your child may also make excuses for going to school in the future. You can also give your child simple age-appropriate responsibilities. For example; You can prepare a table for dinner with him and ask him to collect his toys.

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