How Can You Support Your Child’s Intellectual Development?

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How Can You Support Your Child’s Intellectual Development?
Does your child surprise you with questions these days and make you say when did you learn it? From now on, be ready to be surprised by hearing something new every day, because your child’s cognitive development continues rapidly and this development becomes much more striking as he expresses himself better.

How can I support my child’s intelligence development?
We all want our children to be smart. In fact, the important thing is to support children to reach their potential. Not every child is very smart. However, every child has their own good and open to development aspects. Every child is unique and special. The important thing is to love children as they are, to support them by finding their strengths, and to support them by giving them the necessary stimulus to prevent them from falling behind in other areas.

Characteristics of children as cognitive development between the ages of 2.5-3โ€ฆ
โ€“ Begins to fully symbolize objects,

โ€“ begin to understand the relationship between a symbol and the object it represents,

โ€“ Enjoys looking at picture books and pays attention to fine details,

โ€“ To be able to distinguish adults he knows in photographs,

โ€“ Beginning to recognize himself in photographs,

โ€“ Talking to himself while playing games (many still not understood by others)

– Accompanying children’s poems and songs,

– To show his hair, hand, nose, eye, mouth and feet correctly when requested,

โ€“ Fulfilling simple instructions

โ€“ Knowing his name completely, etc.

So what can you do to support your child’s cognitive development and reach their potential?
โ€“ Your child gets enough and quality sleep; You can provide a healthy and balanced diet.

โ€“ By limiting his relationship with the digital world, you can enable him to explore the world by touching it with his hands.

โ€“ You can establish healthy and constructive communication with your child.

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