Healthy Parenting

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Healthy Parenting
What do you need to be healthy, peaceful and happy? Let’s talk a little bit about them. Our aim with these articles is to give you as much relaxation space as possible and to lend a helping hand.
-Do not try to take on all the responsibilities alone. You must have a cooperation and sharing plan at home.
-Try to get good sleep. A good sleep is the most basic condition for you to be healthy and vigorous.
-Pay attention to a healthy diet. A varied and balanced diet is important for you to feel energetic and peaceful.
-The more time you can spend with your baby, the better. But more important is the quality time you can spend with your baby. For this, listen to us and take advantage of our tips. When you do the activities we recommend in our application, you will see that you will not have to make an extra effort.
-Make sure to take time for yourself and your spouse, but be careful not to leave your baby alone for a long time. Make the necessary arrangements so that your baby and spouse can travel with you, especially if you are going to have long and long business trips in the first years.
-Make advance planning a part of your life. A planned life will make you less stressed. You can spend more quality time with your family when you are less stressed.
-Whoever is looking after your baby while you are at work, be sure to share your basic principles of care for your baby with this person. Have that person read our articles and give them small assignments from the Kidokit app to play with your baby. So you can support your baby’s development on a regular basis and you will have peace of mind while at work.
-Remember to put a stop to the hustle and bustle of life from time to time and make long-term plans.
-Make sure to take time to have fun and listen from time to time. Try to eat meals as a family and organize enjoyable activities with your baby. Listen to lots of music, dance and read books.
-When you are very tired or nervous, first take care to calm down and gather energy and then be with your baby. Your babies almost feel your energy and reflect it in a very short time. If your baby is nervous at a time when you are already tired and nervous, your tiredness and tension will increase even more. Therefore, it would be better to relax a little first and then try to spend quality time.

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