Getting Started Swimming in Babies

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Getting Started Swimming in Babies
Playing with water in the bathroom or in a small pool at home are also good activities to prepare your baby for swimming. Swimming has many benefits for child development. There are now pools where babies and young children are taught to swim. Because drowning accidents can sometimes happen in very shallow water, the sooner your child can learn to swim, or at least to stay afloat, the better.

In addition, swimming has many benefits for child development. Let’s take a look at these benefits together:

1- First of all, as we have mentioned many times before, mobility and sportive activities in child development are of great importance for fine and gross motor development.

2- Directing children to sports activities is among the indispensables for their development.

3- Especially in summer, swimming is both an entertainment and an irreplaceable type of sport for children.

4- Swimming primarily contributes to heart and lung health.

5- The relaxing and regulating effect of contact with water during swimming also contributes positively to mental health. For children, water has been a means of entertainment since infancy. Water has a stress-reducing effect, especially in babies who are bathed frequently.

6- With swimming, the muscles develop as they resist water. Muscles and joints are affected by water resistance, so body perception increases. The higher the body image, the better children feel, control and use their bodies. Since the joints in the body are stretched due to water resistance, bodily flexibility increases.

In short, the sooner you start swimming exercises and water games, the more you will enjoy it. In addition, your child’s good swimming will positively affect his popularity and self-confidence among his groupmates in the future.

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