Fun Games for Babies Over 1 Years Old

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Fun Games for Babies Over 1 Years Old

After the age of 1, it is seen that the mobility of babies increases. This causes babies to want to have fun by moving more. Babies always want to learn different things. It is possible to find many ways to entertain them during this period. Educational games at home for 1 year old are;

  • Games where sounds are imitated
  • Games in which hands and arms are moved
  • Games that can be played using objects

Games with Imitation of Sounds

Children over the age of 1 are extremely sensitive to sounds. Imitating sounds is among the intelligence-enhancing games for babies. Imitating animal sounds with babies will keep them entertained. Imitating the sounds babies make makes them happy. Singing melodies and lullabies and playing games make it easy for children to perceive sounds. It is possible that you may hear your baby repeating some of the sounds he heard from you. Talking these sounds over and over to your baby will keep them entertained.

Games with Moving Hands and Arms

Babies are happy when they start using their hands and arms. The fact that babies provide hand and arm coordination positively affects their intelligence development. For example, you can teach babies to clap because they like to both make sounds and move their arms. Clapping with your baby will keep them entertained. Imitating Ceee, a game that we all play with babies, allows your baby to use their hands and make new sounds. Making babies touch you are great games for them. It will amuse them when you and your baby touch each other and explain their organs.

Games That Can Be Played Using Objects

Babies love to play with various objects. Especially when played with toys for 1 – 2 years old baby games, they affect the development of intelligence positively. You can entertain them by having them use Legos, colorful toys and objects of various shapes. Apart from that, they like the sounds of pots, pans and other kitchen products. Playing with water while bathing your baby will make them happy. The most preferred object for the game is the ball. Playing ball quickly develops your baby’s motor skills and gives them the ability to make decisions.

18 – 24 Months Old Baby Games

When your baby is 1.5 years old, his walking and running skills will increase. For this reason, it can be enjoyable to play games that will move them. Babies between 18 and 24 months begin to gain the habit of eating. During this period, your children’s efforts to eat by themselves and making it a game make them happy. In order to increase speaking skills, games that teach words should be preferred instead of talking like babies or making sounds.

18-24 month old babies should get used to playing games with other babies. Playing games with parents alone may not be enough for the social development of babies. It can be a good game to teach babies about objects, shapes and animals while playing together. Moreover, babies learn faster when they are together, as they imitate different movements from each other. Reflected images are enjoyable in this period of babies, it can be a fun game to show them photos and move them in front of the mirror from afar.

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