Freedoms and Borders

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Freedoms and borders

The family that your child takes as an example is the nuclear family. The most important thing is how you will set an example for your child. Likewise, the role of caregivers is very important. It is important that habits such as saying “no” when discipline and boundaries are required are consistently practiced by everyone in the household, including caregivers.

Being able to say no to your child is really important. If you have to say no, avoid taking a step back because your child will be unhappy. Children actually feel better and safer when they know what boundaries and expectations should be. They also enjoy testing these limits at regular intervals. Doing whatever your child wants should not be a way to gain more of your child’s love. It is very important for your caregiver to know what is acceptable and what is not acceptable for your home and to pay attention to these rules in their relations with your child.

Children do not perceive doing whatever they want instantly as love. It was just the moment he wanted, and since the attention span is short, what you do has no meaningful value in his eyes. If you do not know how to say no, you will only create a demanding character in the face of your child’s endless requests. In your child’s eyes, you are the one who wants it and you are the one who does it, and you are likely to see major tantrums when you say no for the first time, for pushing him out of his usual comfort zone. However, all he needs is warmth and attention from you. Therefore, the right thing to do is to set a few and meaningful rules for your child and say no when necessary. If you have been holding back from setting some rules by saying that my child was too young until this age, 3 years is the right time for this. In fact, if you don’t internalize these rules by putting them into practice, after a short while, more challenging experiences may begin for both you and your child. Your child, who will reach primary school age after a while, learns to live in harmony with the rules of society so that he can be comfortable and harmonious in school life, only if you can sow the seeds today. Children who learn the rules of etiquette and courtesy, when freedom and limitations are defined correctly, will be more comfortable and more accepted people in their social relationships and social environments. Being loved and accepted is essential to a happy and enjoyable life. Since you all want your children to be happy, we find it beneficial for you to know and teach your areas of freedom and boundaries. Likewise, we recommend that you present the right examples of etiquette and courtesy and be a good role model.

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