First 6 Months After Birth in Montessori

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According to the Montessori sensitivity stages, the first 6 months from birth is the phase when the abilities like crawling, looking at the person who is talking carefully, to grasp and to move with the hands emerge. In this period, it is important to prepare activities for children in accordance with the subjects they are sensitive to. You can talk about the things you do during the day, you can give importance to talking while changing the diaper, you can do activities to support the crawling.

Language acquisition is of critical importance from 6 months to 6 years of age. If a child is not regularly exposed to the language, he/she can be irreversibly damaged during this time. Because there is no return in sensitive periods and children have the highest learning capacity in these periods. Maria Montessori emphasized that it is important for adults to chat with their children, to constantly enrich their language and to give them every opportunity to learn new words during this period.

The use of materials that can be held with their hands and can be moved by them to enhance their senses are also the activities that will support their development for 6 months old children. Transfer games, sensory bottles, colored balls and materials that can be held and pulled by the child can easily be made at home.

In this period, order helps the child to guide himself. In this period that continues up to the age of 2, the child tries to sort and classify all his/her experiences. A familiar environment and consistency make it easier for the child to understand the world and to draw picture of it.

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