Excess Energy Management in Children

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Excess Energy Management in Children

Kids have lots of energy and curiosity, which can be a real challenge at times, and keeping up with a high-energy kid can be exhausting. But shutting her in in a way that restricts her movements will never solve this problem. Instead, find positive ways to restructure his behavior and eliminate any negative energies. Keep reading for fun ways to channel this energy to the right places.

Strategic Action Management

1. Introduce him to a branch of sports. These are great ages to join a football league or start a gymnastics, dance, karate or swimming lesson. Any of these activities can improve your child’s coordination and ability to focus. Let her choose the program she likes, but make sure it’s not overly structured: The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that preschoolers have at least 30 minutes of free play and no more than 30 minutes of direct instruction. Get a new bike. Sure, your child may have loved his tricycle when he was three years old and grew up with it. You can get him a two-wheeled bike with training wheels. Likewise, you can try a hula hoop, frisbee, or anything else that interests you.

2.Turn off the TV. Can television comfort your high-energy child? Probably the opposite. Action-adventure cartoons and game systems can make it harder for your preschooler to sit still. Experts recommend exceeding two hours of total screen time a day, including TV, video games, and computer use, and avoiding all electronic stimuli at bedtime.

3. Pay attention to self. Sugar intake alone does not cause excessive activity, but studies suggest that sugar and sugary drinks consumed on an empty stomach can give children an energy boost. It’s also important to control the stimulants in caffeine, cola and other sodas, and chocolate. Your child already has natural energy without the need for such chemical-containing foods.

4. Reward good behavior. Limits are especially important at an early age. If your child tends to run around the supermarket, make a deal with him: If he helps you find items on your shopping list, say you’ll take him to the park later. But remember, it is very important that you keep your promises.

5. Change toys frequently. You can hide some of your children’s toys in the cupboard and remove the hidden ones when they are bored with playing. This little tip helps old toys become valuable again. If you want to create more variety, you can start a toy exchange club with your neighbors or playmates.

6. Give him a job at home. Children’s energy can sometimes come out because they sit and stay still for long periods of time. Organize them and encourage them to act. Ask them to help with chores outside or inside the home. With these tasks, you can both direct them to action and help them feel useful even in the work that adults always do.

7. Make time with friends. When our kids spend time with their friends, invite one or just a few friends to play with your kids. For maximum effect, make sure they spend at least some of their time with all electronics turned off! And if you take them out to play, even better.

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