Emotional Intelligence Development Suggestions in Children

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Emotional Intelligence Development Suggestions in Children

Why Is Emotional Intelligence Important?

Human is a social entity. It is unlikely that he can survive alone. Studies show that individuals who feel lonely are at a much higher risk of contracting diseases. Emotional intelligence affects human beings’ good or bad relationships with their environment, not intelligence score, that is, IQ.

Emotional intelligence is vital for human beings. Individuals who are successful in life have developed emotional intelligence. There are various studies that have been done. Let me tell you about the experiment on children in younger age groups. Emotional intelligence of children was measured with various tests at the kindergarten level.

Emotional intelligence may not be directly proportional to IQ. Even if the IQ score is lower than the emotional intelligence score, the future life of the children has been observed. As a result, children with higher emotional intelligence were more successful in life. They were able to look at life in a more positive way.

 They have established healthy social relationships. They have become individuals who are loved by their environment. We can summarize the results of the experiments as follows. Although your academic success is related to your IQ score, your emotional intelligence affects your social success. In this article, we will talk about suggestions for improving emotional intelligence for children.

Methods for Developing Emotional Intelligence for Children

In this article, suggestions for improving emotional intelligence for children are as follows;

Developing Empathy: Empathy is related to the intellectual level of the individual. In fact, although this is reflected as a learned skill, human beings learned it when they were babies. For example, when a small child cries, the other child tries to silence him, to cheer him up. Humans already have this ability. Encourage your child to show empathy. Help the child think about the feelings of the people on the events experienced

Problem Solving: According to many theories, intelligence is related to the success of a person to survive in any situation. The person who can survive in any situation is the person with strong problem-solving skills. Present examples to your child. Identify a problem in this case. Encourage him to solve it. Various brain teasers will also contribute to this.

Positive Looking: Teach your child to have a positive outlook on life. The child will do what he sees from you. So stay positive. Whatever life throws at you, find a positive side and look at it from that angle. Teach your child this too. 

Self-Sufficiency: Make your child feel valued. A person who can repair himself is in a very good condition in terms of emotional intelligence. Teach your child to stay with the flow. A child who loves himself will value himself.

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