Don’t Go Stay Tears

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By the seventh month, the mother is still the center of the world for many babies. He may even protest separation from his mother as of this month. If the mother is working, separation sessions with crying will begin in the morning. Here, our advice to mothers is to have a nice chat with their babies before leaving, to tell them that they will return after work, and to come back at that time every day, if possible. When babies see a routine and their parents come back in a routine, their anxiety will decrease. Remember, your baby is like a sponge, not just what you say and do; They can also absorb what you’re feeling and the worry in your eyes. Therefore, if you appear in the same anxiety and sadness when you leave, this will make your baby feel even more worried and sad. The more calm, loving and orderly you leave, the more your baby will meet this situation with calmness over time.

Separation syndrome is a syndrome that you and your child will experience at different times throughout life, and its effect on your child primarily depends on you. When your child starts school, socializes with friends, goes on their first trip, etc. If you want him to feel good and socialize with those around him, first of all, you need to get rid of your worries. These are important times to free your baby from worries and sow the seeds of being a self-confident person.

You shouldn’t feel guilty when you need to be separated from your baby. Yes, I wish we could all spend these special times with our babies, but most of us also have to work. Do not forget that it is important for you to work and earn money in order to create a benefit for him. But more importantly, always remember this: The important thing is not only to spend time with your baby, but also to spend quality time.

Ways to make your baby feel that you love her…

Let us remind you of our six tips that will make your baby feel loved:

Turn off the screen during meals (whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, remember that times such as eating, changing clothes or diapers, bathing are very special times when you can be one-on-one with your baby and bond).
Look into your baby’s eyes while talking and make a special effort to bond with him.
Show your baby your love by touching them softly and make them feel safe.
Listen uninterruptedly to what he tells you with his cries, laughs, and cries, and make him feel that you are trying to understand him.
Read bedtime stories.
When you are with your baby, turn off your mobile phone and play games by giving yourself to it. Just because you’re with him doesn’t mean you’re with him! The important thing is that you are with him mentally and physically. Especially if you do the games and activities in the Kidokit application together, you will be guaranteed to spend your time in a very high quality way, full of both loving and educational warnings.
When you do all these, even if you can’t be with you all day, those few hours spent with you will be worth a day for your baby.

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