Development of Senses in Newborn Babies

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Development of Senses in Newborn Babies

How well does my baby understand the sounds he hears?

Every mom and dad wonders how well their baby understands what’s going on around him. We can explain this as follows; Babies’ senses begin to develop in the womb and develop rapidly within the first year from the moment they are born. Your baby can detect the sounds he hears in the third trimester, so this sense is even more developed at birth. He will immediately recognize familiar voices – especially yours – as he often listens to them in the womb. Your baby may even recognize songs and stories he’s heard in the last six weeks of your pregnancy. At about 6 months, he can learn his name and begin to react.

You may think your baby needs quiet to sleep, but he is actually used to the (loud) sounds of your body from his time in the womb. So let her hear familiar sounds even while she’s taking a nap – she can sleep better!

For example; White noise – the sound of the vacuum cleaner, radio and fan reminds your baby of the sounds he heard in the womb.

We all use a high tone of voice when we talk to babies. Contrary to popular belief, songs, nursery rhymes and lullabies sung in a loud and affectionate tone are much more interesting to him than low-frequency sounds. Rather than trying to keep your baby’s environment quiet, let the sounds that exist in the natural flow of life continue and your baby adapts to these sounds. Thus, your little baby will not be afraid when he hears a sudden noise and will welcome the sound with curiosity.

How Much Can My Baby See the World?

Newborn; Babies open their eyes to the world before their eyesight develops much. The world is still a blurred field for them. Your baby likes to look at your face, especially the contrast areas like your hairline and eyes. Because color vision is not yet fully developed, black-and-white designs, bold patterns, and large, brightly colored objects can grab his attention.

2 months; Now that his eyes have clear vision, he can follow a moving object. A newborn baby’s brain begins to detect and track movement, so he will love a moving toy or playing in front of a mirror.

4 months; Soft animals become more attractive to him as he begins to distinguish colors. It also has better depth perception and can detect objects in a room.

6 months; Your baby can now see finer details, so he may be attracted to things he’s never been interested in before: the teddy bear’s face, the design on his bells, or the tree outside his bedroom window.

When Does My Baby Start to Taste?

Babies’ sense of taste begins in the womb. It feeds on its mother’s amniotic fluid. After birth, she will feel the taste of what you eat with breast milk. If you continue with the foods you have been fed during your pregnancy during your breastfeeding period, your baby’s taste will begin to form.

When your baby starts to get acquainted with solid foods, sweet ones are more interesting. That’s why he likes to eat foods such as fruit puree and custard, but may refuse vegetables. Slowly and patiently you can introduce different foods to him, and you can get him to like it. To do this, try adding small portions of vegetables to your baby’s meal, but don’t force him to eat. Give her time to get used to the different flavors.

When Does My Baby’s Sense of Touch Develop?

Your little baby’s sense of touch is actually already developed in the womb. You can notice this from the movements and tiny bumps you feel in your stomach. Babies thrive with lots of physical contact that makes them feel comfortable and loved. The bond between a parent and baby who shows their love by touching will become stronger and the baby will feel safe.

Massaging your baby, rubbing her back during feeding, snuggling her to your chest and stroking her hair while she sleeps will do your baby good. Remember, one way to show love is to touch it with compassion.

When Does My Baby Start to Smell?

Your baby’s sense of smell begins to develop in the 6th month of being in the womb. When he opens his eyes to the world, he can recognize your unique smell from your breast milk. According to experts, from birth to 8 years of age, the sense of smell is much stronger and sharper than yours.

Babies like scents they are used to. Therefore, be careful not to change the shampoo, wet towel, diaper and lotion you use for your baby. Similarly, babies become familiar with the scents of their parents. We recommend not replacing your own skin care products or even the detergent with which you wash your clothes. When your baby is upset, you can give him an unwashed shirt. Apart from all these, you can use aromatherapy oils to relax your little baby. For example, according to studies, it is stated that the scent of vanilla has a positive effect on the relaxation of babies.

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