Communicating Correctly with Babies

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Communicating Correctly with Babies
Talking to the baby even while still in the womb is an action that develops the baby. In the postpartum period of babies; His most developed senses are hearing. For this reason, the mother’s tender, soft tone calms the baby. In this process, the baby; becomes sensitive to the voice of the mother, father or caregiver. As you talk to the baby, the baby begins to feel emotions. Françoise Dolto summed up the importance of this communication in an interview in 1978 with the sentence: ‘Babies understand real conversations from the heart.’

Talking to babies; It is correct to form concise, clear, positive sentences and to support this with body language. Having a low, soft and compassionate tone of voice will make this interaction positive.

Present tense should be used in speech because; The concept of time in children occurs after the age of two.

Babies can be told many things. For example, the birth of your baby, how it is expected, his belongings, body parts or family members and names. This process will strengthen the child’s auditory attention and memory.

The relationship that the baby establishes with his immediate environment affects his whole life. Here, in order for the father-child relationship to be healthy and satisfying, the father should play an active role in this process by communicating with the baby from the moment the baby is born.

While communicating with the child, besides talking, the games played with the child, toys, pretend games, activities and role playing are very important. In addition, since babies are also affected by sound changes, nursery rhymes, different intonations, children’s songs, baby books are very enjoyable for them. Here especially; Lullabies and songs are powerful communication tools between mother and baby.

Correctly speaking and communicating with babies contributes to their psycho-emotional development. These interactions also strengthen the baby’s self-confidence and self-perception. It should not be forgotten that everything told to the baby contributes to his brain development.

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