Cognitive Development in Your Baby

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Cognitive development…
Cognition is related to the functioning of intelligence and is the general name for the processes of thinking, learning and remembering. It encompasses all the mental processes involved in understanding, recognizing and learning our world. Cognitive development is the name given to the development of mental activities that enable a person to understand and learn. Cognitive development is referred to as “cognitive development” in the English literature. In addition to intelligence, it includes all mental activities such as perception, concept formation, language acquisition, problem solving, creating new things, remembering, symbolizing, categorizing. It is argued that as children’s knowledge of the world is shaped, they pass through interconnected mental stages. Up to 18 months, our babies’ learning consists of organizing and developing their perception and movements in the form of an organizing scheme or a sensory movement scheme. However, since the schemes and activities in this period establish the infrastructure of the development in their later life, the warnings, toys and activities we offer to our babies in this period are of great importance.

Now let’s see what you can expect from your baby in the field of cognitive development this period:
In this period, your baby may try to put three cubes side by side as well as making three-four-piece puzzles. Begins to understand the differences between shape and size. These developments in his perception can be supported by very enjoyable studies in the coming period.

Your baby is now starting to anticipate certain things. It still has a long way to go in its development, however. For example, it searches for objects not where they were last lost, but where they found them on the first try. Therefore, the importance you will give to order will make him feel better. Knowing what and where to find it will be supportive in terms of self-confidence.

My first words…
Before your baby turns one year old, it can generally be expected that he will be able to say at least one word consciously (like calling his father daddy) and use about two to four words. As of this period, it is thought that babies can know the meaning of about 10 objects but cannot tell them. You can reveal them with word games or pointing games by showing them.

Maria Montessori proposes a three-stage study for language development. Especially until the age of 2, it is generally possible to do only 2 stages. We highly recommend doing this type of work with new objects frequently; As a matter of fact, if you teach them by naming objects, it will be very helpful in recognizing their environment, giving meaning to words and expressing themselves.

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