Cleaning Education for Children

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Cleaning Education for Children

In the pre-school period, they have an innate curiosity to get to know their surroundings and learn. Their curiosity about this learning starts at a very young age and continues until the end of their lives. Children are always curious about learning and discovering from birth. They begin to come to terms with the individuals around them, to understand them, to express themselves, and to form their thoughts towards their environment.

In the pre-school period, which is the period when the brain development is strongest, children’s physical, cognitive, emotional, motor and so on. It is a very important period for their development. Therefore, the period between the ages of zero and six is ​​very important for children. During this period, a very large development and growth phase is observed in children.

In the pre-school period, the child’s character towards the environment and society begins to form, and this period can actually be called a preparatory phase. And at this stage, families need to take care of their children closely.

Until the age of two, children need the help of their mothers and cannot meet their own needs on their own. And when the child reaches the age of three, he tries to do these things on his own, but it is not fully sufficient.

The most important feature that the family should bring to the child is undoubtedly the habit of cleaning. Because giving this education to children is the first step for the child to have a healthy body and body. The family should take care at this point, and children at this age take their environment as an example, especially since the closest ones and those closest to them are their parents, parents should constantly warn the child and encourage them, and should clean next to him in a way that encourages him to clean. Activities such as washing hands, washing faces, brushing teeth can be beneficial in the presence of the child.

It is also very important to give children the habit of bathing. You have to be very careful while doing this. The child’s attitude towards him during the bath is very important. Or the water should not be extremely hot or cold while taking a bath, so that bathing for the child is not a bad event. The bathroom should be turned into a fun one, it can be useful to have bubbles in the bathroom while you are in the bathroom.


After the bath, the child’s ear should be cleaned, but while doing this, no object should be inserted directly into the ear. Unsanitary cleaning tools should not be used. Instead, healthy and clean materials should be used.


We have said that the child is interested in learning in the preschool period, while doing this, the child uses his hands a lot. It touches everything and does it without knowing what is dirty and what is clean. Therefore, the most important habit that should be taught to the child is hand cleaning. The child can be encouraged to wash their hands by giving frequent reminders.


The most effective way for the child to get into the habit of cleaning his face is not to wash his face every morning when he gets up, and while doing this, irritating soaps should not be used because their skin is sensitive.


In cases such as nasal congestion in the child, his nose should be washed, then his hands should be washed and his face should be dried again with a clean towel. Thus, the child learns what to do in such cases.


Since the child uses his hands too much during this period, his nails become very dirty. And this, in turn, can cause health problems. Therefore, this should be followed regularly and the child should be taught how to do it.

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