Children’s Rooms Suitable for Montessori Philosophy

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They are illustrated examples of children’s rooms, one of the areas of use in our homes, prepared according to the Montessori philosophy. By preparing environments in our home where our children can do their own work, we support their self-sufficiency skills and self-confidence. Children will be happier and more successful in this prepared environment and will feel that they are individuals.

There should be wardrobes, beds and shelves according to the height of the children so that they can feel their room as their own. A child whose bed is close to the ground and who sleeps on his own will adopt his bed more and feel his own.. When his wardrobe is his own height, he will be able to reach all the clothes he wants. He will make his own decisions and feel that he is an individual. There should be shelves where he can easily reach his books. Mirrors should be available for self-discovery, intelligence and language development. A board or a board where he can paint freely will improve the child’s imagination and productivity. A flower or pet that he will take care of will develop his sense of responsibility. When we apply all these, the child will feel more belonging to this environment, and the ability to see his own work will improve his self-confidence.

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