Children’s Physical Development Characteristics

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Children’s Physical Development Characteristics

Child’s Physical Development Periods
Physical development begins in the mother’s womb and accelerates after birth. Physical development is a field that covers the development of large and small muscles and the increase of the child’s mobility. The baby comes to the world with certain reflexes, and these reflexes form most of his mobility in the first years, while some reflexes disappear over time, and voluntary movement skills increase with the development of the muscles and nervous system and the increase in body dominance.

Physical development depends on the development of fine and gross motor skills. Gross motor is the child’s ability to move using large muscle groups. Walking, running, jumping and cycling are gross motor skills. Fine motor skills involve movements using small muscle groups, hands and fingers. Grabbing small objects and throwing them in a box, drawing, writing, buttoning and tying shoelaces are fine motor skills.

In order for the physical development to continue in a healthy way, as in every developmental area, the right stimuli and the right activities must be offered to the baby and child at the right time. It is important to know what skills should be expected from the baby and the child at what age so that physical development can be properly supported. Although each child’s developmental course is unique, there is a certain course of physical development.

Developmental Characteristics of a 1-Year-Old Child
– Can crawl up stairs.

– Can sit for a long time.

– Can turn thick book pages.

– Tries to use the spoon by himself.

– Can hold pencils and paints and draw on paper.

13-15 Months Baby’s Physical Development
– He starts walking.

– Can stack objects, cubes.

– Can throw geometric shapes from suitable holes.

– It can put the rings on the rod.

16-18 Months Baby’s Physical Development
– He is proficient in walking.

– He can carry things in his hands while walking.

– He can climb stairs.

– Can climb low furniture.

19-21 Months Baby’s Physical Development
– He can start running.

– Can walk backwards.

– It can open and close drawers and cabinets that are sufficient in height.

22-24 Months Baby’s Physical Development
– He runs fast.

– Can go up and down stairs alone.

– He jumps on both feet.

– Can stand on one leg by holding on.

– Rides a tricycle.

– Can use cutlery at meal.

– Can build towers from 4-5 cubes.

Physical Development Characteristics of 2-3 Years Old Child
– Can stand on one leg for a while.

– It can swing by itself on the swing.

– He can hit the ball with his foot.

– It can jump forward.

– He can draw by himself by copying lines and circles.

– Can use scissors.

Physical Development Characteristics of 3-4 Years Old Child
– It can change direction suddenly while walking and running.

– Starts to hold the pen more smoothly.

– He can somersault forward.

– It can jump several times in a row.

– Can jump on one leg.

Physical Development Characteristics of 4-5 Year Old Child
– Can walk on the line without losing balance

– The ball can bounce.

– He can catch the ball thrown at him.

– He can play hopscotch.

– can draw shapes such as square, triangle, circle.

– He can tie his shoelaces.

– He can put on and take off his clothes himself.

– Can button fastening.

Physical Development Characteristics of 5-6 Years Old Child
– He rides a two-wheeled bicycle, roller skates.

– Jumps rope.

– Can jump over a low obstacle.

– He does somersaults with ease, does a handstand.

– It can hit the target in target shooting games.

– It can hit moving objects accurately.

– Holds the pen correctly.

– Paints without borders.

– Can write letters by looking.

– Cuts complex shapes with scissors, can shape dough.

– Can use both hands independently.

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