Cause-Effect Relationship in Babies

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Cause-Effect relationships

You can observe that your baby is now paying more attention to the details. To understand the consequences of his actions as a result of all these hitting, dropping, hiding, finding; began to understand the cause-effect relationship.

Observing our children and intervening early if there is a problem is the most important step that will enable us to change their lives.

As in other areas, it is important to follow your baby in cognitive development processes. Knowing the development process gives you the chance to observe if everything is going well for your baby. Even if the parents have no problems, sometimes babies can have certain problems. If there is a problem, the most important issue is early detection and early intervention. While some children may have delays due to individual differences in the cognitive development process, it is possible for some children to experience delays due to serious problems.

Possible problems that may be experienced, sometimes the lack of stimulants around your baby, and sometimes physiological problems (for example, possible problems with hearing or seeing) may cause such delays. The most important thing is that with early intervention, it is possible to eliminate these delays completely and sometimes to reduce them significantly. If not intervened in a timely manner, all delayed improvement efforts may not produce the desired level of change; sometimes it will have no effect at all.

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