Candle And Science Experiment – Montessori Activities

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Candle And Science Experiment – Montessori Activities

🌟One piece of play dough
🌟One skewer
🌟One piece of A4 paper

We draw a large circle on A4 paper. As in the video, we cut a finger thick small circle to remain. We fix the skewer in the middle of the rolled play dough so that it stands upright. We fix the light paper garbage bottle so that it does not slip while turning, without pressing the A4 paper we cut on it too much. Then we place the candle so that the paper does not burn and light it. The rest will trigger purely visual memory. And you can watch the dance of the rotating paper with the wave created by the hot air 🤗

With this experiment, it is seen how hot air affects the air layer as it rises ❤ Thus, children are provided with a questioning idea about the effect of the heat wave.

Suitable for ages 4 and up.

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