Benefits of Reading to Babies

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Benefits of Reading to Babies

What are the Benefits and Subtleties of Reading to Babies?

Babies feel us even before they open their eyes to life, even in the womb. We think that he does not hear or understand us, but this is not the case. Watch out for a tiny baby, he looks into his mother’s eyes. If her mother is stressed, she senses it and gets tense. If her mother is happy, she will also feel more comfortable. So try to look happy to your children as much as you can.

You can start reading to babies little by little, even when they are younger. The baby begins to grow with the book and a familiarity with the book develops. This is a situation that will positively affect the baby when he grows up, even in his education life.

What are the Benefits of Reading to Babies?

If we talk about the benefits of reading books to babies; many items can be counted.

It helps the baby’s language development. Maybe the baby can start talking earlier this way. Even if you read a small book, it will contribute to his language development.

It helps to develop vocabulary. A word that the baby hears in the book you are reading gets stuck in his mind, and you may not even notice it. When the baby starts to talk, you realize that the sentences you read to him were very helpful.

One of the benefits of reading to a baby is to increase the baby’s imagination. Babies have a very wide imagination. You can also contribute to his imagination by reading a book to him.

In addition, babies will be familiar with the colors thanks to the colors in the book. Learning colors, numbers and shapes will become easier for them.

Reading in a quiet and calm environment will also be beneficial for the child to focus better and listen to you better.

As the baby listens to you, you will also contribute to his listening ability. In this way, you also improve your communication skills. You know that in communication, listening is as important as speaking.

eading to the baby also means including the baby in daily life. Because as he reads the events and characters in the book to him, the baby gains knowledge about the functioning of daily life and the situations encountered in life.

You can also contribute to the development of your baby with educational books. You can enable them to learn concepts such as color, shape and number more quickly.

What are the Subtleties of Reading to Babies?

First of all, it is useful to observe a time period when your baby is calm. Because when the baby is hungry, wet or sleepy, he may not listen to you well. He may be distracted. His peace may be disturbed. You can also read before bedtime. If your baby likes to fall asleep reading a book, he will not refuse anyway.

Choose thick-page books for your baby. These types of books are better for babies. There is no possibility of tearing it when you give it to the baby’s hand. Otherwise, it may tear the pages at any time.

One of the subtleties of reading to babies is that it is a short, concise and understandable book. In addition, it is useful not to prefer very complex shaped, patterned books. Because they are so small, large-format, understandable books are better for them. The book should also be short. Plots in a very long book, etc.

It can confuse babies. In addition, while reading to your baby, make sure to stay in constant contact with him. Ask him questions. If he can speak, let him answer. But if he can’t speak, you can still ask questions and answer them yourself. Tell your baby what happened in the book.

You can also add small interesting details yourself. E.g; “It rolled and fell to the ground.” instead of “Patt, he suddenly fell to the ground.” You can make it more exciting by adding Or; “ Shhhh! It can be more noticeable with words like “She’s sleeping”.

Try to make animal sounds together. Include it. She will like this very much.

Allow your baby to touch and make physical contact while reading a book. You can even turn pages together.

I Read But The Baby Isn’t Interested Anymore. What should I do?

In such a case, you can stop reading to your baby for now. Don’t push too hard. The baby may start to cool off from the book and may not want you to read a book again. Empathize. Would you accept something forced? Remember that an oppressive approach can backfire and act accordingly. Your baby will already show you with his actions when you should read to him and when not.

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