Benefits and Subtleties of Reading to Your Baby

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Benefits and Subtleties of Reading to Your Baby

Why is it necessary to read to your baby?

Reading to babies is seen as an unnecessary activity by many parents. Because in this process, there is an idea that babies will not understand what they hear, and they will not settle in their memories.

But you should know that all the stimuli around him, such as sound, smell, taste, color, shape, touch, start to take place in the baby’s brain from the moment he is born. The stimulated brain cells interact with each other and various bonds are formed. These bonds actually form the basis of the brain capacity that the baby will use throughout his life.

Apart from this, there are other benefits of reading to babies. Let’s have a look at these:

It helps your baby to have a pleasant time with you.

Regular readings, especially after meals or before bedtime, will help your baby calm down and relax.

It is also a good way for the father to get closer to his baby. A father cannot breastfeed a baby, but he can hold her and read in a soft voice. In this way, she connects with him through her voice.

Your baby learns to listen.

Loud and repeated words contribute to the baby’s language acquisition.

Watching your baby while reading a book is beneficial for learning your facial expressions and expressions.

If you keep reading regularly, it will be easier to continue this habit when your baby grows up.

In the following periods, imagination, creativity and vocabulary develop.

Picture books help develop your child’s visual memory.

When to start reading to babies?
You can start reading to your baby from 6 months. The 6th month is a turning point for your baby in every sense, the baby can now hold its head upright and sit comfortably on the lap. His attention has also improved. That’s why 6 months is an ideal time to start reading books!

What should you consider when choosing baby books?

Your baby’s first book should consist of thick leaves, short and few sentences.
Books to be read to babies should have content that is not rich in color and complex pictures.
The content should be appropriate for the age of the baby. He should not have concepts that he does not understand.
It should contain statements that are concrete but carry a message. Baby tales can be helpful in this regard.
It should have embossments or textures that it can feel when touched (like felt books).

What should you pay attention to when reading a book to your baby?

You have to do the reading job at the right time. For example, a time when your baby’s stomach is full and his bottom is clean and comfortable may be the right time.
While reading a book to your baby, you should not be busy with a job both physically and mentally. Activities such as answering a ringing phone and thinking about the food on the stove cause your baby to lose concentration.
You have to watch whether your baby is bored or not. If he gets bored, you should stop reading.
You have to get him to look at the pictures in the book and say out loud what those pictures are.
You have to get him to point with his finger while explaining the pictures.
While reading the book, you should use your body and voice in accordance with the pictures. For example, if it says a dog is barking, you should bark in a similar way.
You have to let your baby hold the book, put it in his mouth, turn the pages. You must help him study and recognize the book.
If there is a page that he looks at carefully, you should explain that page at length.
You have to let him choose. You have to show him the books and make him choose.
If there is a book that you enjoy reading, you should read it often. This may be boring for you, but it is a fun activity for him.
You can also read nursery rhymes, songs and lullabies to your baby. Because they contain repetitive sounds and have a certain rhythm. In this way, they attract the attention of the baby.

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