Being a Role Model for Your Baby

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The best thing you can do for ethical teachings is to be a role model…
Please remember that as of the 13th month, you are a role model in communication, as in many areas of life, from the words used in your communication with your child to the way of speaking. Take care to use courtesy words such as “thank you” and “please” in your conversations; pause to give him a word when speaking, use polite requests rather than imperative sentences. After a while you will find that most of them have been copied and internalized by your child. Values ​​such as kindness, sharing, empathy, honesty are things you can teach your children only by way of example.

Positive parenting
“Positive parenting” is a very rising trend in the world these days. It focuses on parents building strong and healthy relationships with their children from an early age and developing constructive solutions to their problems together. As a parent, there is so much you can do for your children. We often repeat that the most important of these is to create an environment full of love and trust. As another important issue, we talked about a ready-made environment that will support their development, and the selection of games and toys that will provide them with the necessary warnings. One of the other important issues is to be the right role models for them. You will see that during your parenting journey, your children will follow you with the things you do rather than the words you say. In many ways they will copy you, they will take an example. Therefore, during your relationship with them, please keep in mind that in your behavior towards your child or your behavior towards others in front of him, one day this behavior may be done against you by your child. We know that you wish the best things in life for them. What you want your dream child or the person you will raise to be, first of all, you can take care of having those features.

Avoid punishment and reward…
Dr. Maria Montessori expressed important views on this subject; He did not include punishment and reward in his education philosophy. He sees the pleasure as the greatest reward when the child can do something he wants to do by making an effort. There are different views on reward and punishment issues. However, even the majority of those who defend these concepts emphasize the importance of positive feedback being more than negative feedback and punishments. As a matter of fact, you may have to go through a much more challenging process in order to be conscious, to take the developmental processes of children and to take the necessary precautions, to produce solutions in the future.

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