Being a Montessori Parent

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Being a Montessori parent; It requires adopting and paying attention to certain issues both physically and mentally. We have listed the points you can pay attention to at home for your child to grow up with the Montessori philosophy mindset;

When adults put themselves in children’s shoes; being forcibly taken somewhere, confined to a space or a bed, needing and needing someone else to do anything… These are not things that are loved. Children should be raised with the awareness that they are individuals.

Respect them for making their own choices, saying no, trying. This instills in children the urge to respect other people, nature and other living things.

Freedom of Movement
Give children space and opportunity to move around. Do not confine them in rooms, beds, areas. As children learn to move, they expand their learning opportunities by freely exploring their surroundings.

Freedom of Choice
Always give them a choice. This is much more helpful when communicating with children than engaging in power struggles. Offer them two options on a topic basis. For example, if he wants to have dinner, he can eat alone now, or in an hour with everyone, he can wear a green or yellow T-shirt over blue pants.

Give children the opportunity to do it themselves. Don’t think of children as completely incapable of doing their jobs, one of the biggest mistakes parents make is to do their child’s work for them.

Let them eat their own food, even if it will get a little dirty at first, give them the opportunity to wear their own clothes, encourage them to collect their own toys.

Always speak clearly and clearly to your child. Introduce the names of objects around you, devote time to non-daily topics to improve their vocabulary. Also, be sure to listen to your child. During this period, children see their parents as role models, and their attitude towards telling and listening directs the child’s future social relations. During the day, you can get rid of just saying whether they will do it or not, and chat about how the day went.

Teaching as a Model, Not by Judgment
Do not teach by judging whether the child has done something right or wrong. If he has made a mistake, model correctly how to do it. Other than that, don’t do anything big, notice your mistakes carefully. You don’t have to say what he did was wrong, just show him how it should be done.

Simple and Active Toys
Buy toys that encourage kids to do something with their hands, drop the ball into a box, or line up the blocks to complete the task. As they repeat the activity, it can give them long enjoyment. Stay away from toys that only have to press one button and leave nothing else. TV can hold their attention for a long time, but without interaction. According to Montessori, the work of the hand is very important for the development of the child. For this reason, you can turn to toys that will interact and make them move.

Common sense
Most Montessori principles involve only common sense and rational thinking. Observe your child well and have the confidence to do the right thing.

What you teach children with the Montessori philosophy will help you in the long run. Don’t live with problems every day for a few minutes of peace. Instead, have your child do it himself, even if it takes longer.

Love and Support
If you do, you can’t go wrong with any parenting style you apply. Remember you can never be perfect and mistakes are part of growing up, it will be good enough.

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