Being a Good Role Model for Your Child

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Being a Good Role Model for Your Child

Your little shadow is probably always after you these days. In fact, it’s likely not only following you, but imitating what you’re doing. Do not be surprised if some days he enters your room with your shoes on and necklaces around his neck and smiles at you. Remember that doing what you do makes your child very happy. Because then he really feels that he belongs to your world and is important. It is important that you respond to such situations with smiles and that you meet this need. If you do not want to wear jewelry, etc. if you see them wearing them, “What are you doing!” instead of shouting, “It suits you very well, but this is your mother; Come on, let’s put it back and if you want, let’s make you a beautiful jewelry from beads, what color should yours be? Is it pink? Is it red?” By saying this, you both meet his needs and gently draw his attention to another direction.

The importance of being a role model

Here are some small posts on motherhood and role modeling:

“It adds a new dimension to our responsibilities as motherhood, which introduces us to a completely different dimension of happiness. Of course, at the top of the list of “things a good mother should do” is to show unconditional love to your little one, to ensure that she is full, sleepy, safe and healthy. But the most important responsibility of a mother is to be a good model for her little shadow. A pair of eyes watching you every minute you spend together, observes what you do, what you don’t do, what you say, and what you express with your body language when you don’t say anything, and stores this information somewhere in your memory, the limits of which even you don’t know. When the day comes and uses this knowledge by extracting it from the depths of his memory, our mouths will remain open; “As if he had grown and shrunk! “, “Where does he learn these from!” we say. Of course, your little one, who yearns to grow up as soon as possible, learns what is right and wrong, how to be a self-sufficient individual, from the mother with whom he spends most of his time, whom he takes as an example, watches with admiration, and wants to be like when he grows up…

Recall that the child, who imitates his mother by wearing her shoes and necklaces, also observes her smoking, unhealthy diet, social relations, how sensitive she is to the environment, in short, her attitude towards herself and the world. It is in the hands of us mothers, and above all, it is our responsibility to raise children who value, respect, respect, and love themselves, other people and all living things. The greatest happiness a mother can experience is that a small child who looks at the world from her mother’s window is an individual who adds value to everyone she enters into her life. Let’s remember that besides all the good feelings of being a mother, we can also experience the happiness of raising a diamond that makes us proud, and let’s not deprive ourselves of this happiness that we will be proud of for the rest of our lives.

You can do a little exercise if you want. Think about the way your family treats you and what behaviors make you happy and what makes you unhappy. So, what kind of character traits do you have? Which of these features would you like your child to have? What were the things you wanted to do or be but couldn’t? What habits would you like your child to gain so that they can become more than just a dream? By dwelling on all this, your child may think that you would be happy with you and in the society in the future, and you can start to act according to the characteristics of the person you think about. Because children do what is done rather than what is said.

We recommend that you review your behavior, especially when you are angry, out of patience or reacting to an event that you do not want. Are you yelling? Doors slamming? Are you cussing? When these are done today, it is very likely that you will see the same behaviors in your child in a very short time, especially during periods of identity crisis such as adolescence. We think that being a mother is the best privilege given to us to “be a better person”. It is our greatest desire that you know its value and enjoy it.

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