Bathing the Baby

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Bathing the Baby
When Should a Newborn Baby Be Bathed?
Newborn babies should be washed after the umbilical cord falls off, if possible, as we do not want the umbilical cord to get wet. .umbilical cord falling off can sometimes be delayed. In these cases, it is recommended to wash the newborn baby bath by wiping it on its body or in a way that it does not touch the navel with water. Wetting the navel and delaying its drying can cause navel infections.

How Many Days Should a Newborn Baby Be Bathed?
Newborns should be bathed every 2 days in summer. In winter, it can be washed every 3-4 days, depending on the situation. Of course, these numbers may change in cases such as if there are accidents, if his poop is smeared all over him or if he vomits.

How to Use Soap Shampoo

It is not necessary to use shampoo every time a newborn baby bathes. You can use it in one bathroom and not in the other. As a result, their skin is very thin and can be affected by the chemicals in the shampoo.

Choosing Shampoo for Newborn Baby
-eye catching
-SLE, SLS, paraben, perfume, colorant, non-preservative products should be used.
It is not recommended to use the soap in the first periods as it can dry the skin.

What Times of the Day Are Suitable for Newborn Baby Bath?
Newborn bathing can be done at any time of the day. However, a bath before going to bed helps the baby relax and forms the stage of preparation for sleep.

It is not recommended to take a bath immediately before or after feeding. It can be restless on an empty stomach, and if it is on a full stomach, it can make the baby vomit during the bath.

Take enough time for the bath. That way, you won’t be in a hurry and you won’t leave the baby unattended, even for a moment.

Don’t bother with chores like answering your phone

Having an experienced person next to you in the first bathroom will not only give you comfort, but you will get the job done more easily.

Baby Bath Supplies
It may be important to have the following materials ready before you start taking a bath.

-Baby bath tub
-Baby shampoo and soap
-Clean cloths – at least two
-Sterile eye wipes for wiping your eyes
-Towel to dry after bath
-Clean clothes
-Clean cloth
-Diaper rash cream

Tips for a Baby’s Bath in the Tub
You can make bathing easier by using a baby bath tub.
Babies can start crying as soon as they get into the tub. It may be necessary to calm him down.
Choose a non-slip location for the portable tub. Remember that lots of water will go around.
Do not use soap in the first moments of the bath so that we can reduce the risk of falling after soap, as it will become slippery. We can use the soap towards the end.
The temperature of the water will be between 34 and 36 degrees.
Put about 5 cm of water into the baby tub.
To adjust the temperature of the water, warm it slowly first with cold water, then with hot water.
Do not turn on the water while the baby is in the tub. It can cause sudden temperature differences.
Do not pour baby soap or shampoo into the water in the tub. These can cause your skin to dry out.
Baby bath net can be used. It may be suitable especially if only one person will wash it.

Children who are accustomed to the water and love to be in the water will also be more eager to swim, and as in everything else, being enthusiastic, ready and ready will take the most important step in learning how to swim.

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