Babies Need for Independence

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First of all, we need to know that “commitment” and “dependence” are different things. When our children become independent individuals, their commitment to us does not decrease. Since our culture is a culture that is very giving, that loves solidarity and sharing, we, as parents, especially as grandparents, can think that doing whatever our children want, getting things done for them in every area they are forced to do, and making their work easier in every area are the favors we do for them. But worldwide research says that’s not the case. Healthy attachment or attachment, that is, emotional attachment of children by trusting their parents or caregivers; It is very nice that they establish a relationship with them based on love and trust. However, addiction, that is, it is not good to always call someone by thinking that you cannot meet your needs alone, to wait for help, to worry that you will not be able to handle your affairs alone.

Wikipedia defines addiction as an irrepressible desire for an object, person, or entity, or the state of being dominated by another will. Sometimes, adults unwittingly interfere in everything their children do, complete their words or actions for them, do everything for them without allowing them to meet their own self-care needs, when the child encounters a problem, by solving it instead of them, while they want to do something good for their children, they can actually make them more dependent.

We want to raise children who are more independent, self-confident and believe they can stand on their own feet. We also observe from research that children with self-confidence are more successful people who can socialize more easily, express themselves better. We observe that such people are more inquisitive, inquisitive, and experience the satisfaction of succeeding with their own efforts, and we aim to do this for our children as well. We hope that you can see how important our children’s need for independence is and the positive results of meeting this need. Our greatest desire is to raise an independent, strong and self-confident youth who is committed to their families, communities, cultures and principles. The games we play with our babies from today, the way we address them from today, provide an environment full of love and trust, where we give them our full attention, where we really listen, while providing opportunities for movement, support but not being intrusive.

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