Age 6 Development – ​​Written Communication

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Age 6 Development – ​​Written Communication

Written communication refers to the physical performance of handwriting, typing, spelling, grammar and story writing.

Developmental Stage

  • Learns the alphabet in detail (knows that words are made of sounds, sounds are represented by letters).
  • Learns all letters with and without vowels.
  • He knows all the numbers.
  • Matches letters with sounds.
  • Analyzes the letters in the text to convert them into sounds and synthesizes the sounds in words to form words.
  • Recognizes some words by their appearance.
  • While listening to a familiar story, he follows it with his eyes in writing.
  • Can read a few short letters that are read frequently.
  • Can write some familiar simple words.
  • He begins to form sentences.
  • Can write frequently used words, listen to the sounds and transcribe them and know their sound equivalents

Possible Situations Encountered When It Doesn’t Progress

  • The child may have difficulty reading and writing (difficulty pronouncing and spelling words correctly while reading).
  • May have difficulty reading and spelling familiar words.
  • Child may have difficulty following words while reading


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