Age 5 Development – ​​Written Communication

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Age 5 Development – ​​Written Communication

Written communication refers to the physical performance of handwriting, typing, spelling, grammar and story writing.

Developmental Stage

  • Specializes in creating shapes (like -, |, O, +, /, square, \, X, and triangle) before moving on to writing.
  • He can write his name.
  • Knows the names of some letters and recognizes as many as 10 (mostly the letters in the name).
  • Recognizes and writes numbers from 1 to 5.
  • Learns the alphabet song.
  • Recognizes and names letters.
  • He learns that letters correspond to “sounds”.
  • Knows that the printed text is the text that is read.
  • Learns that letters are separated by spaces and forms words.
  • Recognizes his name in writing.
  • Can recognize the writings on the surrounding signs and signs (knows the letters on the “stop” sign).
  • He knows how to read from front to back.
  • Learns that the text is read from left to right.

Possible Situations Encountered When It Doesn’t Progress

  • The child has difficulty in recognizing the differences between letters and sounds and using this ability in reading and writing activities.
  • The child may have difficulty reading and identifying the text in the book

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