Advice for Montessori Moms

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Applying the Montessori philosophy requires a great deal of dedication and attention from moms and dads. There are many points that parents should pay attention to, such as supporting the child to do everything himself, giving them time, watching them try again and again, and following their developmental stages. Montessori mothers should pay attention to some features in this process;

Supportive, not educational

Maria Montessori believes that no human being can be educated by another human being. The parent acts as the facilitator and supporter of education. The child is born with the physical and mental abilities necessary to receive and process information. For this reason, the point of view of Montessori mothers is not to teach, but to support the child’s learning in line with his interest.

Environment, time, patience

Montessori mothers; They should prepare the environment that allows the child’s attention to be focused on a subject and give him time to repeat it as much as he wants. In this time, they should show patience, knowing that the development of the child will happen by itself.

Observation ability

Each child’s path and development is different. If the parent determines the sensitivity period of the child well, discovers the area of ​​interest and prepares the appropriate environment, it will greatly support the child’s self-construction. This skill also requires good observation.

Passive role

Parents are not active but passive in child activities. He allows the child to do his own activity, his work, only to show how the work will take place in the first place and step aside. Next is the child’s job. Even in Montessori schools, the active time of the instructor/guide is 20%, while the independent time is 80%. Children perform the activity of their choice during this independent time.

Identification of the stimulus

Various stimulants are used to stimulate the emotion in the child. It is important that the parent present the material to the child and make it attractive. The process of the child’s willingness to do these activities, providing diversity in activities and discovering the area of ​​interest as a result of these experiences works.

These items are considered as a few points to be considered for Montessori mothers.

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