Activities to Do at Home

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Activities to Do at Home

There are many simple and fun activities that you can do to spend quality time with your children at home and support your child’s development 🙂 We have prepared various suggestions for activities that can be done at home with your children.

Prepare a list before starting the activities, plan the activities you can do daily with your child. In this way, your child will want to participate in activities with enthusiasm.


Kitchen and Home Activities

Prepare breakfast together, turn on a song and accompany while preparing breakfast. (What’s Happening in Life 🙂 for example)

Make cookies, enjoy creating different shapes together.

Organize your closet, select and sort the clothes you don’t wear together and categorize them.

Children have always been very enthusiastic about housework. Clean up together and turn it into fun with songs.

Germinate the beans and plant them. You can develop a sense of responsibility by having your child water and care for him every day.


Art Events

Coloring together; Try different varieties such as watercolor, finger paint, dry paint, crayon.

Prepare accessories that you can make salt ceramics and use in your home.

Sing and dance wildly. Create ways in which your child can express himself in different ways.

Make colorful shapes with games such as potato printing, rope printing.


Sensory Games

Make different colored foams by whisking shampoo, some water and food coloring with a mixer. Your child will have a lot of fun playing with foam. You can also use watercolor instead of food coloring.

Make transfer activities by painting the rice.

Create a construction site in the area you have determined by preparing moon sand. Or build sand castles on a beach.

Play dough is always an activity that children can play for a long time and develop their fine motor skills.


Cognitive Development Activities

Read lots of books. Create times to support the habit of reading with your child. Chat about books and let your child tell them.

Prepare a game where you make a cardboard television frame and present different programs. You can have a great time while supporting your child’s self-expression.

Learn a new game; You can learn and have fun together with different games such as chess and mangala.

Watch documentaries, chat about it.

You can do matching activities. You can have your child match the pieces you will prepare in pairs with any material you have at home. (Different colored fabrics, materials such as chickpea-rice glued to jar lids, paper dyed in different shapes and colors)


Multi Action Games

Prepare a track for your child at home and let him do different activities together. It’s like walking under the coffee table, jumping over the pillow, climbing the chair…

Every game played with the ball is very fun, very active. This game, which aims to drop the ball pool balls by jumping through a 5 liter water canister, is very energetic: Game Details

Teach your children games such as blind and hide and seek from your childhood, you can have a very enjoyable time as a family.

Exercise together at the same time every day.


You can check our Age Activities page for activities that can be done at home according to your child’s age.

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