7 Parent Behaviors That Will Hurt Children’s Self-Confidence

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7 Parent Behaviors That Will Hurt Children’s Self-Confidence

Every parent has a unique educational method. Every parent does their best for their children. However, nobody is perfect. That’s why parents who think about the mistakes they made in the past want to fix some mistakes. That’s why we need to behave in ways that we won’t regret in the future.

First of all, I would like to point out that parents should correct themselves. Because a child imitates what is done rather than what is said. For example, if you are a person who normally swears and you do not want your child to speak abusive in the future, you need to stop swearing from the moment your baby is born. First of all, you should check whether you are doing the behaviors that you do not want to see in your child. In this way, you will provide the right education. Here, I would like to mention a few examples that will damage the self-confidence of parents.

Constantly Shouting

It is normal to warn the child when he makes a mistake, to give advice and even to scold him when necessary. But you should not miss the dose. If a child is misbehaving and you are yelling all the time, you are tiring yourself for nothing. Because even though their buyers hear you, they don’t react. If you are yelling all the time, he will no longer hear you. However, such children tend to be introverted outside. Instead, wait for the child’s mischief to end and in a calm moment look into his eyes and tell him how sorry you are.

Being Too Strict

Parents are educational teachers. However, you should not be too strict when providing this training. For example, when your child gets a bad grade, instead of punishing and getting angry, talk to him about why it is the way it is and what he should do. A child who will be penalized for a grade will be less likely to fail in their studies and lose their self-confidence in school.

Beating and scolding in the presence of others

It is a behavior that destroys the child’s self-confidence. If they come to you to complain about your child and you get angry and beat your child in front of them, they will probably be teased among their friends. And the child whose dignity was offended by this situation will never be the same again.

Scolding for Their Clumsiness

Children can be very clumsy in the development process. This is because their bodies are growing inconsistently during development. For example, a child whose hands grow according to his size has trouble estimating the distance and breaks items such as glasses. Here, instead of words like clumsy, incompetent, things like this can happen to your child. You should use words like you will be more careful. Otherwise, when he grows up, he will not want to do business and will be withdrawn.

Being With You On Special Days

For example, you should not leave your child alone during a graduation ceremony or demonstrations. This causes a feeling of loneliness in the child and makes him lose his self-confidence.

Not Listening to Your Child

Children cannot use some words correctly. If you want his diction to improve and his thinking ability to be strengthened, listen to him. Listening to him, even if it’s silly, will increase his self-confidence. Children who do not rest may even become withdrawn and stuttering.

Don’t Take Your Time

When you don’t make time for him by stating that you are constantly busy, the child may get the idea that this is what life is like. The Buddha becomes an introverted, non-talking child and a busy parent like you do in the future.

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