6 Years Development – ​​Phonological Awareness

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6 Years Development – ​​Phonological Awareness

Phonological Awareness is the field that deals with sounds (like the sounds letters make) and how these sounds come together to form words.

Developmental Stage

  • Recognizes rhyming words and distinguishes words that do not rhyme (eg floor – sat – odd).
  • Defines the first sound of the word (eg, what is the first sound of the word “milk”? s).
  • Defines the final sound of the word (eg, what is the final sound of the word “milk”? t).
  • Categorizes words that start with the same sound (eg milk, sat).
  • Finds the different of three words (eg take, take, ak).
  • Combines 3-4 sounds to produce words (eg f – o – o – t = foot).
  • Divides 3-4 vowels into parts (eg foot = f – o – o – t: 4 sounds)

Possible Situations Encountered When It Doesn’t Progress

  • He may have trouble spelling words correctly if he cannot hear sounds alone in different positions within words.
  • The child may have difficulty recognizing that putting sounds together forms words and reading words properly.

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