6 Years Development – ​​Language Skills

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6 Years Development – ​​Language Skills

Language has two main points:

  • Receptive language (understanding): The language is intelligible.
  • Expressive language (using language): Using language, speech, sign, or alternative forms of communication to convey wants, needs, thoughts, and ideas.


  • Follows the conversations of the people around.
  • Performs multi-step instructions.
  • Vocabulary develops.


  • Vocabulary develops.

Sentence Information

  • Builds more complex sentences.
  • He uses imaginary language in games, enjoys pretending and making up stories.
  • Lists various properties about an object.

Grammar Knowledge

  • Makes sentences in the past tense.

Concept Knowledge

  • Time: yesterday, tomorrow, morning, afternoon, later…


  • Asks How and Where questions. 

Possible Situations Encountered When It Doesn’t Progress

  • Socialization may be difficult.
  • There may be poor attention and concentration.
  • May have difficulty following directions at home or school.
  • May have difficulty retelling events.
  • May have difficulty performing routines. It may be difficult to be understood by people he does not know.
  • May have difficulty expressing thoughts and ideas verbally and in writing.
  • May have difficulty answering questions properly.
  • He may have problems with speaking fluency because he cannot find the right word.

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