6 Years Development – ​​Gross Motor Skills

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6 Years Development – ​​Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor (physical) skills are abilities that require whole-body movement and involve the body’s large (as core stabilizers) muscles to perform everyday actions such as standing, walking, running, and sitting upright. It also includes hand-coordination skills such as ball-playing skills (throwing, catching, hitting).

Developmental Stage

  • Light jogs on tiptoe.
  • Can walk on balance board.
  • Can jump using jump rope.
  • It can jump 2 meters away.
  • They exhibit throwing and catching behaviors similar to adults.
  • Shows jumping abilities similar to adults

Possible Situations Encountered When It Doesn’t Progress

  • Difficulty participating in sports activities.
  • Lack of self-confidence when comparing yourself to peers.
  • Lack of self-confidence in movement-based activities

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