Do You Know Why Children Can Have Anger Seizures?

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Do You Know Why Children Can Have Anger Seizures?

Our bad news is that ego wars and tantrums can often be seen in children at the age of 3-4. The good news is that the progress in your child’s language development and the increase in awareness can be very beneficial for conscious parents during this period. There are many ways you can help your child with these issues during this period. For example, playing role-based dramatic plays; It’s a great way to teach your child positive behavior. If your child has tantrums from time to time, first try to understand the emotions that lead him to this behavior. As always good observation is key here.

But do you know why children can have tantrums?
Anger is a form of defense for children. He knows that this way he will attract attention and get what he wants. Among the main reasons that cause anger, for example, not getting what one wants, taking away the toy, getting the face wet or washing it, being forced to sit, being left alone, not being successful in the game or forcibly wiping the nose can be listed. In order to prevent this situation, which may occur for many different reasons, it is very important to observe your child carefully and to know the special situations. During these periods, your child creates his/her own character by observing his/her environment, on the other hand, he/she acts with enthusiasm to prove himself/herself to his/her environment. In the midst of all these efforts, your child may experience many different intensities of emotion. For example, he may be frightened and cling to you, or he may feel anxious and guilty. Hugging him when he is afraid or worried will make him feel safe. Some children may develop features such as biting their nails, playing with their fingers or lips during such periods. You can try to talk to your children about their feelings or try to explore their inner world by playing games about emotions.

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