How can I Help my Baby Talk?

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How can I Help my Baby Talk?
-Remember that books are very effective in language development. During this period, you can gradually move from large picture books to simple stories. Prepare to read the same book many times. Because children of this age love to have the same book read over and over again.
-How about singing? Kids love music. Our key always remember “again”. So you can sing the same music over and over again. Making movements that accompany the music also contributes to language development. For example; Opening and closing the fingers of one hand while saying the duck is quacking will let him know that it is a quacking gesture.
-If he’s trying to say something, support him. For example, if he says teddy instead of cat, use supportive sentences such as “yes cat, very nice”.
-Talk to him like an adult, not a baby!
-After each activity you do together, tell something about that activity. For example, if you went to the supermarket that day, you can read a book at home where the mother and child go shopping together. You can match what you see there with what is in the book.
-You should know that if children understand the language, they will speak it. To understand, they have to hear it over and over again. Don’t stop talking because you think you don’t understand, always talk. –Tell me everything. You can talk about how you are cooking, what you see when you change diapers or go out. Take care to name everything.

A Delightful World of Songs and Dances
We recommend that you sing lots of songs, listen to music and dance together with your child until he or she steps into youth. Singing has many benefits for your child. After all, they say music is the food of the soul; This saying applies to all babies and children as well. While the lyrics help the baby’s language development, memory and focus development; music will calm them down and make them happy and confident. Singing with your child boosts self-confidence.

Remember, singing for adults always takes courage first. Prejudiced babies and children are unaware of it. A child who hears a song being sung will sing along with the tempo as they gain the ability to speak, and gain self-confidence as they see that they can succeed. Self-confident individuals, on the other hand, will be more assertive and successful throughout their lives. Singing to your child also teaches him how to express his feelings. While learning new words, she will discover a different way of expressing her feelings. Dancing has numerous benefits. First of all, dancing will relax both you and your child; It will also strengthen the bond between you. Dancing is an alternative way for your child to express himself. While dancing supports your children’s self-confidence and emotional development, it also supports their physical development, flexibility and aesthetics. Children who love dance and bring it into their lives increase their interest in art and their creativity develops rapidly. It has been determined that children who dance regularly are more successful academically, especially in mathematics and science. Therefore, making music and dance a part of your life is both enjoyable and beneficial in terms of development. You don’t need to make any extra effort, and it’s a great way to relax yourself.

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