5 Games That Develop Emotional Intelligence in Children

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5 Games That Develop Emotional Intelligence in Children

The development of our children is very important. For this reason, we recommend them to do many activities. One of the most important in this development process is emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence gives people good emotional behaviors such as being able to communicate correctly, being able to empathize and being tolerant towards people in the future in the face of lived situations, even in childhood. Let’s examine what are the games that develop children’s emotional intelligence.

Children will be able to speak skills and emotions with the development of emotional intelligence. For this reason, it is necessary to develop communication skills. Of course, communication starts with gestures and facial expressions. Make gestures to your child that express your feelings with your facial expressions. Happy, sad, scared etc. Make sure your child understands these gestures and ask your child to imitate you so that the children will understand how your emotions look from your facial expression.

Puppet games are the most preferred games that develop children’s emotional intelligence. It is possible to teach your child various subjects by playing puppets. Your child learns to understand different thoughts from puppet play. They also develop their focusing skills as they are curious about the puppet’s movements and what you are saying.

House games and profession games are the best games for the emotional development of children. Children imagine themselves with various professions. Gets ideas about certain tasks. Also, genre games can be games played to socialize with friends. Because children increase their communication skills with such games.

One of the games that develop children’s emotional intelligence is silent cinema. However, instead of telling a movie or a series in this silent cinema, try to tell a word. Try to say the words your child knows silently. It can be an action, an object, or an animal. Then ask your child to do something similar. In this way, children will learn to associate and combine concepts.

It can be very effective in painting for children’s emotional intelligence. Children show their thoughts and feelings with the pictures they draw and paint. Drawing isn’t exactly a game. However, it develops emotional intelligence. Moreover, when children try to draw an object with their parents, their visual skills develop.

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Children can develop themselves in terms of both social and emotional intelligence by playing strategy games. Chess is one of the strategy games. Chess develops children’s quick thinking and decision making skills. Today, it is possible to see young children quickly learning to play chess. Chess requires step-by-step thinking and observing the opponent. For this reason, emotions should be controlled in front of the opponent. Emotional intelligence can develop in this direction.

The most popular intelligence-enhancing children’s game is jigsaw, or, in other words, jigsaw. Children complete the puzzles by putting together the necessary components. This improves children’s ability to observe, correct mistakes and improve memory skills. When the puzzle is done with the parents, the children should be allowed to find it on their own, and little help is required. However, when the puzzle is done with other children, the children show improvement in helping each other. Thus, children’s emotional intelligence develops.

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