How is Dependence on the Mother (Dependent Mother Syndrome) Diagnosed?

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How is Dependence on the Mother (Dependent Mother Syndrome) Diagnosed?

Some children remain strong after birth, and a condition resulting from maternal love is called “maternal addiction” or dependent Mother Syndrome. It is a common syndrome in children aged 1 to 6 years. From the moment we wake up in our lives, the person we are with the most is the mother and always needs the support of the mother the most. It is always good for the mother to hear her opinion on important matters concerning the child, but this can have a negative impact on the child later on.

There are many distinguishing features that can be seen in individuals who are dependent on their mothers. E.g; As the child grows older, he begins to avoid taking responsibility for fear of getting things done without his mother, because the child always tries to get things done with the help of his mother. The second situation is that some children who are just starting school do not trust themselves because they are dependent on their mothers, and this can lead to big problems in the future. Third, children are generally not afraid to spend time with their mothers and make new friends. When they enter a new environment, they are shy and display modest behavior.

How to Solve Maternal Dependence Syndrome?

There are some attitudes and behaviors that we should do for children who are dependent on their mothers. Such behavior should be applied so that the child is not too uncomfortable and rigid. First of all, it is very important how the mother evaluates the time she spends with her child. She gives him some work and waits for the boy to do it himself.

If the child makes it that day, “well done!” You can motivate him if you say congratulatory words such as: When the mother is taking the child to school later, the mother will return, you can explain why the children should be separated from each other, in a language appropriate for your child, to come and pick them up so that they are more comfortable and expectant.

Be aware of this and control yourself. Finally, if you have experienced such processes and procedures and cannot come to a conclusion, do not worry, it would be useful to contact an expert in the field.

What is the Difference Between Commitment and Addiction in Children?

Attachment is a health condition that stems from the love between the baby and its mother. A mother shows her love and nurtures her baby. A bond is established between the mother and the infant who spends the baby together. Establishing a secure attachment is very effective for your baby’s future life.

It feels good to be together when the baby cries, and that bond is stronger when you get a response when you laugh. For bonding between mother and baby, babies prefer their mother’s voice and face over other voices and faces.

When you show your child a supportive attitude, they become more successful and confident individuals in life. Therefore, it is very important to establish a secure bond between mother and baby. This relationship cannot be thought of only in terms of food.

In addition to basic needs such as the need for food, baby love is also needed. A mother who approaches her baby with love contributes positively to the development process of the baby. Therefore, being dependent and being dependent have different meanings.

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