3 Years Development – ​​Game Skills

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3 Years Development – ​​Game Skills

Play is voluntary participation in self-motivating activities often associated with pleasure and fun. Play is a very important activity for children in terms of developing age-appropriate skills and understanding their presence and position in the world.

Social skills are skills we use every day to interact and communicate with others. They also play an important role in aiding appropriate skill development across a wide age range.

Developmental Stage

  • Has a strong sense of ownership Joint games can begin to play.
  • The game treats the bear and the baby as if they were alive.
  • He plays with the children around him, but does not join them.
  • In games, he uses symbols such as the use of a stick as a sword.
  • Plays with less common events in life (eg going to the doctor).
  • The concept of plot develops and they plan.
  • Develops awareness of the approval and disapproval of their behavior by their parents.
  • Expresses his feelings.
  • Puts their wishes/feelings into words (eg “I want a drink”).
  • Begins to follow simple rules.

Possible Situations Encountered When It Doesn’t Progress

  • May have difficulty socializing and joint attention with peers.
  • Due to lack of understanding and attention, he may try to learn by imitating others.
  • It can cause delayed fine motor skills due to lack of practice in controlling toys and objects.
  • May experience delays in using small objects such as toys, pencils and scissors.
  • May begin to get irritable when using small toys and objects.

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