1 Year Development – ​​Game Skills

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1 Year Development – ​​Game Skills

Play is voluntary participation in self-motivating activities that are often associated with pleasure and fun. Play is a very important activity for children in terms of developing age-appropriate skills and understanding their presence and position in the world.

Social skills are skills we use every day to interact and communicate with others. They also play an important role in aiding appropriate skill development across a wide age range

Developmental Stage

  • He can cut simple shapes.
  • He imitates the triangle.
  • Paints specific areas.
  • Holds 3 fingers and uses fingers to make movements.
  • Adheres properly using adhesive.
  • Draws simple pictures.

Possible Situations

  • Encountered When Not Progressed.
  • Difficulty learning letters and numbers correctly.
  • Bad handwriting Difficulty demonstrating academic proficiency on paper.
  • Signs of getting tired quickly in activities with pencil.
  • Anger or avoidance reflex in activities using a pen

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