DIY DOT MARKERS – Montessori Activities

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🟣DIY DOT MARKERS🟠 – Montessori Activities

I have been missing a red dot marker for months (I suspect my 3 year old knows where it is but won’t tell me 😅). So I made some of my own using recycled items 😃
-Empty water bottle
-Hot glue
1️⃣Open the empty water bottle and trace the top on a sponge
2️⃣Cut the circular outline out
3️⃣Add a bit of paint to the empty water bottle
4️⃣Dilute the paint just a little with some water
5️⃣Close the bottle and shake well
6️⃣Open the bottle, clean the inner rim and apply hot glue to the inside
7️⃣Quickly insert the sponge cut out making sure you leave a bit of the sponge out
8️⃣Secure the sponge onto the bottle with a layer of hot glue around the rim
9️⃣Turn the bottle upside down and stamp the paper. Once it is fully covered in paint, the dot marker is ready to use.
🔟To save I for later or refill, simple remove the sponge and the glue rim around it. Put the cap on to save for another day. Before reapplying the sponge, make sure to shake the bottle and clean the rim so the glue sticks on well.

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